City of Roberta, GA

A Small Town with a Big Heart

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 +====== City of Roberta Mission Statement ======
 +//The mission of the City of Roberta is to partner with our community to deliver services, preserve, protect and enhance the quality of life and plan for the future.//
 +===== Core Values =====
 +**Accountability** - We accept responsibility for our personal and organizational decisions and actions while delivering cost effective and efficient services with the objective of doing our work right the first time.
 +**Continuous Improvement** - We provide the highest quality service with the resources available by promoting innovation and flexibility to meet the changing needs in the community.
 +**Environment** - We are concerned about our natural, historic, economic and aesthetic resources and endeavor to enhance their sustainability for future generations.
 +**Ethics** - We set high standards for our personal, professional and organizational conduct and act with integrity as we strive to attain our mission.
 +**Respect** - We are honest and treat our coworkers and the public with courtesy and dignity.
 +**Safety** - We use education, prevention and enforcement methods to protect life and property in our business and residential neighborhoods,​ and maintain our infrastructure and facilities to provide a safe environment in which to live, work, shop and play.
 +**Teamwork** - We work together to plan, develop recommendations,​ deliver services and openly communicate with the public and each other by soliciting feedback and sharing information to achieve our goals.
 +**Trust** - We realize the perception of our organization is dependent upon the public'​s confidence in our commitment to our core values and to meeting the goals set collectively by the Mayor and City Council.
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